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Bowie Alternative Daily Cover Machines

ADCM 800ADCM 1100Alternative Daily Cover Mulchers

Look no further! Only Bowie ADCM’s are built tough to withstand the rigors of landfill usage.

Alternative Daily Cover is a system whereby a specialized slurry of fibers, binding agents, and other ingredients, can be effectively substituted for daily soil cover on the landfill at the end of the day. ADC’s offer significant cost savings in daily operations and effectively extend the life of the landfill site.

Commercially available ADC products are quickly mixed and applied by Bowie ADCM’s on-site. Sprayed-on ADC’s do a fine job of anchoring trash, suppressing dust, vector control, and even odor control. Approved and recommended by numerous Federal, State and Local Agencies nationwide. Check your area for details.

ADC Machine Models

Bowie ADCM 800
Clear water flush system and capacity of 958 US Gallons. More information »

Bowie ADCM 1100
Clear water flush system and capacity of 1135 US Gallons. More information »