Bowie Hydro-Mulchers® and Aero-Mulchers

Bowie Aero-Mulchers

Aero-Mulcher SG-50Aero-Mulcher MG-30

Aero-Mulchers, commonly known as Straw Blowers, or Hay Blowers, mechanically shorten and quickly distribute baled hay and straw fibers via a high-speed airstream. The resulting blanket of fibers is often glued together with a sprayed-on tackifier on steep slopes, while rolling and flatter terrain can utilize the quicker and more effective tractor-drawn Bowie Crimp Disc. Blown and crimped (or tacked) hay and straw is a highly effective, low-cost BMP for controlling erosion and sedimentation by quickly establishing vegetation.

Aero-Mulcher Models

Bowie Aero-Mulcher MG-30
We believe this straw blower to be the strongest of the small models in the industry. This unit is powered by a 25HP Robin Subaru engine. More information »

Bowie Aero-Mulcher SG-50
The SG-50 is the intermediate workhorse of our manufactured Aero-Mulchers. This unit is powered by a 35HP Wisconsin air cooled engine to give years of trouble free service. More information »

Aero-Mulcher Accessories

Bowie Crimp Disc
Bowie’s Crimp Disc is not like the lightweight crimpers! Crimp Discs made by Bowie are “Built-Strong...Built to Last”. Crimp Discs are used to anchor straw and hay mulch into the soil. More information »